World's largest Bolt Tensioner for the biggest hammer-forging press ever built

In November 2001, SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG obtained the order to design and build the largest individual Bolt Tensioner worldwide with an outer diameter of 1850 mm.
This Bolt Tensioner is used for clamping and releasing the M 760 x 12 tie bolts an the world's largest hammer-forging press. The pre-tensioning force is 60,000 kN.
The pre-tensioning force the four tie rods are achieved in several stages. Apart from doing the extensive FEM design computation, SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG completed the Bolt Tensioner ready for shipment to the USA, in just 7 weeks.
We are pleased that our client has decided to use the additional services of SCHAAF's assembly team for the complete assembly and disassembly of the main nuts as well as for generating the pretensioning forces.
We will report the further progress of this project here in September 2002.