SCHAAF - NEWS April 2017
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Insertion of ExpaTen Bolts 400 mm x 8500 mm

In August 2015 SCHAAF received the order for engineering and delivering of 440 hydraulic (Hydraulic Nuts, Bolt Tensioners) and mechanical single tensioning systems (MSN) in the dimensions of M30 to S1000 for one of the worlds largest closed-die hydraulic forging presses in pit-mounted-design. Furthermore, part of delivery were more than 140 customised ExpaTen Bolts in sizes of 180 mm to 400 mm and up to 8500 mm overall length, and especially custom-tailored mounting equipment and pumps. These components were delivered during the last year.

The mounting of these components in USA is now executed under the supervision of SCHAAF. The first construction stage has been completed successfully during the last 10 weeks. In order to do so, first all large components were perfectly aligned and afterwards finally fixed with SCHAAF joining technology. With single weights of up to 300 metric tons and mounting tolerances of tenths of millimetres a real challenge, which, due to a strong team, was perfectly coped with.

The following construction stages will now be supervised and the correct mounting of all components will be monitored by SCHAAF as well. SCHAAF Service personnel will be permanently present until the completion of mechanical mounting and, thus assure that all operational steps are executed correctly and according to schedule.

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Preparation for tensioning of the ExpaTen Bolts
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Lifting and Positioning of the completely
mounted lower part to its final position