SCHAAF - NEWS November 2009

In june 2008 SCHAAF received the order to deliver 20 ExpaTen Bolts to join the three foundation parts of an open-die-forging press. This spezial bolt consists of the central tapered bolt and two conicla sleeves, so that both contact areas can be connected with absolutely no gap.

The result is a very stiff connection free from any possible movement. By using a new mounting method the Expansioning and Tensioning procedure could be controlled very precisely, that the following operating precedures will work optimally.

By an optimized design of the additional components (ExpaTen Bolts, Hydraulic Nuts, Pumps and Accessories), all advantages of the SCHAAF products could be used.

Mounting was carried out as planned within 5 days directly on site and demonstrates a new milestone in SCHAAF´s company history.