SCHAAF - NEWS December 2017

In October 2017, SCHAAF received the order from a renowned mechanical engineering industry to loosen an inaccurately jointed oil press fit with a diameter of 800 mm.

Since the hub was pushed too far onto the shaft when shrinking-on, it already sat on the cylindrical part of the shaft. As a result of the adhesion of the materials a cold welding with the shaft occurred and the hub was stuck.

Own disassembly attempts of the customer were not successful and even impaired the situation. Usually, the oil press fit would be loosend by the very widening with an oil cushion. However, this was not possible anymore and oil dropped out of both sides of the hub.

The company contacted SCHAAF and thus, benefitted from the huge know-how in the field of hydraulic joining technology. Within a short period of time, a solution was developed, the components were constructed, and the disassembly of the oil press fit was executed by experienced employees together with the customer. In doing so, many of the approved SCHAAF products were successfully applied.