SHIPBUILDING: Success for SCHAAF in Export
As already published earlier on this site, SCHAAF attended the great exhibition SMM 2000 SHIPBUILDING; MACHINERY AND MARINE TECHNOLOGY. This took place in Hamburg from 26. through 30. September 2000.

The success of this exhibition ha ssurpassed all our expactations! There was no day without meeting director of the leading suppliers of marine engines, rudder units and ship yards on our booth. Several times, it was "closed due to the crowding". We were able to sign interesting contracts and finalize the preparations for other.

Our concept for Bolt Tensioniers found vats ceonsent, specially in view of the savings in space and weigth by our 3000 bar technology. Special respects is given our consequent orientation on absolute quality which is of outstanding importance specifically with the critical application on sea-going ship. Here, long-term co-operations have developed with leading bodies in that field.

High lights were, among others:

  • Ring type pre-tensioning device for simultaneous operating 16 tie bolts of the
        cylinder head and subsequent locking.

  • Ringspannvorrichtung
    details on click (41.3 k)

  • Connecting the flange of the diesel engine to the water break for acceptance test
         (see the picture underneath) . Until now, half of an day was spent to establish this
        connection in a proper correct way. Now, this is concluded within 20 minutes,
        with improved results. It is evident that this new connecting technology may be
        used invarious further applications, beyond the field of ship engines

  • details on click (63,7 k)

  • Wooden boxes are tailored for carrying and stowing complete sets of on boardd tools for Bolt Tensioners and accesories. A joiner's workshop of our own allows to fulfil our customers high requirements even on these cases.

  • details on click (38.6 k)

    Further new developments were initiated an SMM 2000 suchas our SCHAAF ExpaTen Bolts for connecting the flanges of ship shaftes (for further informations = Hannover Fair) u.a.

    further Information you will find here ...