Functional Characterisitics:
A SCHAAF Hydraulic Nut of this design has a circular groove which is sealed to the exterior by an axially sliding ring piston and, thus, forms an annular hydraulic chamber. When pressurized, the ring piston is pushed out, contacts the counterface and generates an axial pressure force that works on the inner ring of the bearing or the hub resp.
In the case of the Hydraulic Nuts, type A 5500/A 5501, the pressure is generated by an external pump which gets connected by the Fast-Lock Coupling Nipple (5). The procedure is completed as soon as the determined pressure is achieved or the max. stroke is attained or (for disassembly) when the bearing or the hub becomes free.

- Designed stroke is 3 ... 34 mm depending on the size
- Clamping force is precisely monitored by the pressure gauge of the pump or control unit resp.
- different design of the rind piston on request; model with extra wide ring piston: see type
  A 5510 / A 5511