SCHAAF - NEWS March 2011

In February 2011, SCHAAF received the order from Fincantieri to deliver GripLoc couplings for the connection of main drive traces of two passenger ships. These are built by Fincantieri for the Carnival Group. They are the largest and most luxurious cruisers ever built by Fincantieri. The passenger capacity is 3,600 individuals excluding 2,000 crew members.

The drive results from two independent electric motors with 18,000kW drive performance at 136 rpm each.The operating shaft couplings with diameters of 500mm and 590mm are inside of the engine room respectively directly in the water. As special additional equipment, ExpaTen bolts are used. In this case not only drive shafts have to be connected but some bearing mountings of the drive system have to be mounted absolutely free from play and fixed. As an additional highlight, the equipment of SCHAAF is used for the assembly of the propeller.

Thus, the system solution of SCHAAF shows its strengths once more, since all the systems (GripLoc + ExpaTen + Hydraulic Nut) come from one supplier and are mounted with the same hydraulic pumps.