SCHAAF - NEWS February 2011

19 February 1979, SCHAAF Hydraulik Spanntechnik received the first order of GHH Sterkrade, today’s MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. 08 February 2011, the first Supplier Meeting Days took place and today’s SCHAAF Leading joining technology was awarded for


Many thanks to MAN for this significant award!

After more than 3,200 executed orders, this prize is an award of a very special kind, since more than 3,000 suppliers perform for MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. In his acceptance speech, the CEO of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG, Mr. Ralf Köllges, especially thanked his own team for this success, and acknowledged the willingness for innovation at MAN. Only if both worked together as one team, develop innovative products at market-driven prices, future is created and collective benefit is possible.
During the speech he pointed out, that SCHAAF will follow MAN into other countries, in order to have an active on-site support and to improve the structure of costs. The headquarters MAN Changzhou and SCHAAF Taicang are only an one hour’s drive far from each other.

Regarding work safety and documented mounting quality at MAN installations, Mounting Documentation Systems (MDS) recently have been ordered. Thus, it is possible to gauge and document correct pre-tensioning of bolt connections. Furthermore, during pre-tensioning the material quality of the bolt is monitored and the mounting process is stopped just in time in case of inaccurate material. With the Mounting Documentation System active work safety is guaranteed.
Again, it is the outstanding technology by SCHAAF, which is used by MAN in an intelligent and effective way.