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A-LOC Roll Ring Locking System
Roll rings wear out with the result that they often have to be replaced and regrinded. This means stop of the entire rolling line and, therefore, incurring considerable costs. Roll rings are produced using special materials as tungsten carbide, ceramic or similiar materials so as to be able to minimize wear.
The selected roll ring material is perfect to take compressive stress but rather sensitive to tensile forces.
The new A-LOC removable axial roll ring locking system is an optimum, highly efficient method of mounting roll rings free of any tensile stress. An important feature of the new A-LOC locking system is that it is possible to centre the roll ring and exert a high axial tension force using a single tool. This optimizes the roll torque transfer and produces the required rotational accuracy. The removable A-LOC locking system provides huge cost savings in comparison with other conventional systems.
Amortisation of the A-LOC System in only 6 months depending on the rolling mill.
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