SCHAAF - NEWS March 2008

After a record high number of incoming orders in May 2007 was topped in September 2007, this number was surpassed yet again in February 2008 by 45%.
The total number of incoming orders is currently 73% higher than in the previous year.
The increased demand for SCHAAF hydraulic high-pressure tools and these new developments can be accounted for by various capital expenditure programmes. Through these, for example, the plans for a 3,000 square meter new building were finalized. Forthcoming investments include a production lathe, which will make the processing of parts up to 2m wide and 8m long possible, and a Cold Roll Forming Machine. Personnel resources would be expanded through new hires.

 System-partnership for the rolling mill industry.

On February 1, 2008, we entered into a system-partnership with hard-material specialists, CERATIZIT, in order to offer our customers from the rolling mill industry innovative solutions from one source. 
Our first step in this partnership will be to introduce a simple, revolutionary concept,  SCT Master Roll, at the
Wire & Tube
The top priority for this concept will be its dependability during times demanding a simultaneous rise in productivity and lower rate of investment. Our system-partnership is based on the intelligent commercial combination of the preserved 4. 000 high-pressure clamping technology and the coordinating rollers, ring rolling geometry, and material solutions.
We look forward to speaking with you at the Wire & Tube exhibition about our new overall plan SCT Master System and its first component SCT Master Roll.