SCHAAF - NEWS April 2012

February 2012 saw SCHAAF receiving a huge order from a global leader in the high-tech shipbuilding industry to secure two platforms in Borkum and Heligoland in the North Sea. The platforms are a part of the offshore windparks HelWin and BorWin in the eastern North Sea and will be handed over to Siemens Energy.

One platform is approx. 82 m long and 56 m wide. Its skeletal structure comprises the so-called base frame and the topside that lies above the sea level. The topside is held together with 36 Multiple Stud Nut M160 MSN.
The especially for the platform manufactured MSN  can take approx. 20,550 tonnes of load, which is equivalent to the total weight of approx. 25 Airbus A380 aircrafts.

The MSN – Multiple Stud Nut is a part of the SCHAAF product upgrade. It enables torsion-free and secure fastening within a small installation space. 

Simulations and field trials with in-house test facilities are carried out for installations. When the platform is aligned in position, the SCHAAF MSN – Multiple Stud Nuts are locked securely to the platform. This guarantees that the M160 screws, which are 5 m long, can hold the world’s largest high voltage DC platforms permanently and without any maintenance.