SCHAAF - NEWS October 2009

In June 2009 SCHAAF got the order from one of China's largest engine manufacturers for the delivery of the mounting tools of the MAN engine type L 32/40.

The main bolt-connection will be tightened with SCHAAF bolt tensioning devices. For example cylinder head, piston, connection rods and the main bearings.

In order to guarantee an ideal monitoring, all processes are supervised and documented by six Mounting-Documentation-System (MDS) for the first time. The elongation and the pressure are monitored and documented so that there is a 100 % documentation of the tightening process. This decision assures an enormuos gain of working quality and safety.

Thus, the following advantages are given to the customer:

  • Documentation: the documentation of clamping travelling, pressures and all the relevant figures guarantee a constant repeatability of the operations and offers the possibility of comparison of the results.

  • Working safety: due to computer controlled tensioning and generating Bolt Tensioning force being permanently supervised, the error rate is drastically minimized.

The operation and installation of this process is simple and safe, too. The user chooses the type of connection and is subsequently guided through the complete mounting process by the computer program.