SCHAAF - NEWS November 2006

Two new 5-axis machining centres were put into operation

In August and October of this year, two new 5-axis machining centres from the German machine manufacturer MATEC were put into operation at SCHAAF.

The total investment for machines and tools amounted to nearly 800,000 euros. This investment will help to avoid the shortages that arose in the past from reoccurring.

The new high-performance machines, each having a tool magazine with 128 tools, 70 bar inner coolant supply, laser tool failure monitoring and direct measuring systems, make an increase in turnover of 100 % possible. Especially for our new product line, this investment enables processing times to be drastically reduced.

MATEC-30 HV (October 2006)
- 5 axes
- 30 kW installed rating
- X=3,000 mm, Y=800 mm, Z=1,100 mm
- NC rotary table
- direct measuring systems
- tool magazine with 128 tools
- 70 bar inner coolant supply (programmable)
- paper tape filter
- chip conveyor