SCHAAF - NEWS December 2009

In March 2009 SCHAAF received the order to deliver GripLoc couplings for the connection of the two main drive traces of a ferry.

The couplings are used, in order to transmit the drive performance of the motor to both propeller shafts. At the same time the axial power of the propellers can be transmitted.
Advantages of the connection are: The torque transmission is possible on the smallest available space.
Through the friction increasing surface coatins, the 2.8-fold safety is achieved. In the prototype tests even the 5-fold torque could be transmitted.

By the optimal adjustment of the components, all advantages of the SCHAAF products could be used.
Additionally, some flange connections with SCHAAF ExpaTen bolts could be realised. Also in this case the system
solution from SCHAAF could show its excellence, as both systems (GripLoc + ExpaTen) can be mounted with the same hydraulic pumps.