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New World Record

SCHAAF received the order for the largest bolt tensioner ever built. The weight of the single tensioner is 38.5 tons with 2.5 metres Diameter and 2 metres height and will beat the record which is still also held by SCHAAF.

The bolt tensioner is used to pretension a bolt with 26 metres length and with a thread diameter of more than one meter. 1,350 bar hydraulic pressure generate 150,000 kN and elongates the bolt 30.5 mm. After that, the main nut has to be turned back, against the flange.

The know how is also provided by SCHAAF. Turning of the main nut with 10 tons weight will be done with hydraulic weight compensation. SCHAAF is responsible for the overall design, manufacturing and assembly. Commissioning and pretensioning will be done onsite by SCHAAF personnel.

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