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Order from SMS Meer GmbH to SCHAAF for the delivery of parts for a forging press

Auftrag der SMS Meer GmbH an SCHAAF zur Lieferung für eine Schmiedepresse

After many years of preliminary work in design, process engineering and sales, on August 13th 2015, SCHAAF received the order from the long-time customer SMS Meer GmbH to deliver numerous ExpaTen Bolts, Bolt Tensioners and Multiple Stud Nuts.
These parts are to be assembled in a forging press. In total, more than 220 tons of SCHAAF products will be delivered until the end of 2016.

This is the largest single order that SCHAAF has received in its company history, where both the customer and SCHAAF are in so far unchartered waters. SMS benefits from the profound know-how and the innovativeness of SCHAAF, which amongst other things gave SMS the possibility to win this order against strong competition from its end customer.
SCHAAF is very happy, that the company succeeded in securing this order after a long time of work.

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