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Patented products and processes by SCHAAF help machines be safer and more profitable.

TTG and MMDS Mobile Mounting Documentation System.


Besides delivering exceptional results with wind power plants, where a world leading company successfully tested the TTG nuts, SCHAAF now received the order of over nearly 1000 M120 TTG screws and the according nuts as well as hundreds of M90 sets. Unfortunately the project is not able to be revealed yet. Judging by the sheer amount of nearly 9000 kN per screw, the extent of the new system can be expected to be gigantic.


Next to the advantages of the TTG threads, which is explained in further detail at the bottom, all applications make use of the SCHAAF patented measurement method in which the customer gets to know the precise condition of the bolt connection. Values such as the applied pretensioning-force, the actual remaining pretensioning-force, bolt-elongation, tensioning-order, flange-compression as well as temperature during tensioning including many others can be accurately measured.

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