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SCHAAF ExpaTen to be used on the largest container vessels ever built!!

SCHAAF ExpaTen werden im größten, jemals gebauten Containerschiff eingesetzt
OOCL 21.100 TEU Schiff.

Once again SCHAAF has beaten both local domestic and International competition!

Built at Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea for the G6 ship owner OOCL, the ‘World Record Breaking’ giants of the sea will have a 21,100 TEU Capacity. At 58.8m wide, each vessel will be almost the same width as an international football field and at 400m in length they are almost 4x the length too.

ExpaTen Hydraulic coupling bolts will be used to connect the propulsion shaft sections instead of traditional reamer bolts. With the typical vessel operating life expected to be around 30 years, once delivered the owner of the Post Panamax vessels will have the ‘peace of mind’ of knowing that ExpaTen is installed and performance is guaranteed for life!

At SCHAAF GmbH we strongly believe that the true performance benefit of a hydraulic coupling bolt is during the removal and re-installation of the bolt after many years of operable life. The typical guarantee period for competing products suppliers is rarely more than 2 years, which means their guarantee has expired before the hydraulic bolt will have been removed for the first time.

The SCHAAF ExpaTen hydraulic coupling bolt is the only propulsion shaft coupling bolt in the world to carry a ‘Lifetime’ performance guarantee. Using ExpaTen on your vessel ensures that no matter when the first or last removal and re-installation takes place, ExpaTen’s performance is guaranteed.

Contact SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG. now for more information on our ExpaTen hydraulic coupling bolts or a GripLoc Hydraulic shaft couplings.

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