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GripLoc couplings and shaft connections ExpaTan flange connections of ship shafts

In July 2013 SCHAAF received the order for supplying coupling elements of the main drive trains of two cruise ships from the VIKING group.
The scope of delivery includes not only GripLoc couplings, which have the advantages of SCHAAF patents, but also ExpaTen bolts for altogether five shaft connections, which nearly equals the complete connection elements of the shafts.
The GripLoc couplings, which are located outboard at the main shaft trains, have a cover panel, manufactured by SCHAAF, which is optimised for the current.
Again, the advantages of using SCHAAF products are obvious: only one detachable hydraulic nut is necessary for mounting the various GripLoc couplings. Furthermore, only one hydraulic pump is used to mount all components (GripLoc and ExpaTen) due to the system solution designed by SCHAAF.

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