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Modern, efficient and successful: SCHAAF Taicang Co. Ltd. with new headquarter

Modern, produktiv und erfolgreich: SCHAAF Taicang Co. Ltd. mit neuem Hauptsitz

Already six years ago, SCHAAF has realised the importance of the location China and confirmed it with the establishment of an own branch office in Shanghai. Since then, permissions and licences were secured and all necessary documents were prepared in order to develop a production facility in about 8856 km distanced Asia.

This way SCHAAF Taicang Co. Ltd. was founded and is established in the asian market. This decision was correct, which is proven by the completed relocation in a new-built company headquarter in Taicang this year.

The headquarter contains an enlarged production facility of 1500 m² and as well the remarkably resized office area. Due to this, shortest distances and quick reactions to the customer’s requirements are guaranteed.

This investment into service made by SCHAAF provides for naturally seamless spare-part supply, maintenance and implementation – worldwide.

Due to continuous trainings and a German quality management at site, it is ensured that a homogeneous state-of-the-art standard is given. This seamless synergy is supported by the locations in Germany and China.

With the arrival of the last machinery in January 2013, the modern headquarter is now completed and offers SCHAAF Taicang Co. Ltd. the best possibilities to continue the success story.

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