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STG – Electro-hydraulic dual-circuit high-pressure controlling system

STG - Elektrohydraulische Zweikreis-Hochdrucksteuer- und Regelungsanlage

In April SCHAAF received the order of one of the world’s biggest transmission system manufacturers to deliver an electro-hydraulic dual-circuit high-pressure controlling system STG including miscellaneous Hydraulic Nuts and the complete tool equipment. Due to the STG and the Hydraulic Nut (HM) the client is able to slide cog wheels onto conical shafts fully automatic, repeatable and recorded. Thus, he can increase precision and reliability of his transmission systems.

The joining operation can be accomplished by trained personnel as well. The STG controls and constantly monitors the pressures and the slide-distance when expanding and sliding cog wheels onto the shaft. Therefore, it guarantees 100% lubricating without metallic contact and is completely free of risk.

Used SCHAAF products:

  • Hydraulic Nut
  • STG 4000-2K
  • High-pressure hoses
  • Complete accessories and spare part sets

This is an aggregate, which guarantees the fully automatic and documented construction of oil press fits and 100% exclude damages. The Hydraulic Nut includes a magnetic sensor for length measuring of the elongation value.

Further application possibilities:

Engine production, turbine manufacturing, generator construction, all application fields in which shaft-hub-connections have to be established and where ideal concentricity and highest possible force transmission is necessary

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