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„The early bird gets the buns“

SCHAAF Early Bird Technologiefrühstück

In the beginning of June 2018, the regularly recurring “EARLY BIRDS – technology-breakfast”, organized by WFG Heinsberg, took place at SCHAAF headquarters in Erkelenz.
A meeting for bright entrepreneurs and like-minded people, the “EARLY BIRDS – technology-breakfast” is the ideal platform for exchange and cooperation between experts. Next to coffee and fresh breakfast-buns, the business development corporation – WFG informed and lead the discussion about the newest future technologies as well as reflected upon future topics.
Impulse topics were the “point-of-sales applications with the service robot pepper”, a presentation by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Ferrein – electrical engineering and information technology at FH Aachen, and “Wir sind Hochdruck. Von Erkelenz in die Welt”, a presentation by M. Sc. Thomas Lönes from SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG. Between the two presentations and this year’s avid participants, interesting exchanges about today’s challenges and our potential successes of tomorrow took place.
Robots are by far nothing sensational anymore. Both in the industry and in daily life the amount of automated and autonomous processes and systems increase daily. Goal of this year’s exchange was to inform about possibilities, restrictions and applications of such systems.


As producer and manufacturer of hydraulics-high-pressure technology and connection elements, Mr. Lönes gave insight in the impressive procedures of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG and ended his presentation with referring to fully automatic bolt tensioning robot, developed by SCHAAF and partners.

SCHAAF technology-breakfast

Impulse lecture on “Service robot Pepper – employee of the future?” at the Early Bird Breakfast of the Economic Development Corporation for the Heinsberg District.

SCHAAF Tehnologiefrühstück RP
Professor Alexander Ferrein (v.l.), Johannes Mandelartz (beide FH Aachen). Axel Wahlen (stellvertretender Geschäftsführer WFG) und Thomas Lönes (Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG).

ERKELENZ (RP) 60 entrepreneurs accepted the invitation to the Early Birds Technology Breakfast organised by WFG and FH Aachen at the Schaaf company in Erkelenz. The keynote speech was given by Professor Alexander Ferrein from the Department of Robotics and Foundations of Computer Science and Head of the Institute for Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics. In addition to the basics of robotics, he presented the service robot Pepper, whose potential applications are being researched and developed at the institute. In particular, Pepper could be found in point-of-sales applications in the future. For example, it has already been tested how elderly people or children react when the rolling robot interacts with them.

Thomas Lönes then presented the development of Schaaf GmbH & Co. KG. The company develops screw clamping devices for mechanical engineering companies, for power plants and refineries, for construction, civil engineering and mining as well as for ship engines, among others. Schaaf is active worldwide and has a subsidiary in China. Since the takeover by the first employee of the company founder Martin Schaaf and today’s managing partner Ralf Köllges in 1990 with six colleagues, the company has grown continuously and today employs more than 100 people. In 2000, the company moved to a new building in the Gipco industrial estate.

SCHAAF thanks the participants for their committed participation at this year’s technology-breakfast.

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