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50.000 operational hours, 300 meters below sea level – SCHAAF keeps their promises.

For the first ever underwater gas-compressor system in the world, SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG received the order to deliver the tensioned flange-lid of the compressor.

Up to 16 bolts were simultaneously tensioned with modern tensioning-technology and constant monitoring of bolt elongation and screw characteristic. The Mounting-Documentation-System is able to detect faulty bolts and immediately sets of an alarm as well as documents all relevant data of the bolt connection.

Besides the bolt tensioning devices for M24 – M90 and the according Mounting-Documentation-System, SCHAAF also delivered pressure generators of up to 3.000 bar and assorted hydraulic equipment.

Together with its customer MAN Energy Solutions Switzerland Ltd., a milestone has been set for the future on the bottom of the sea in Norway. This is another example for how important meticulous planning, reliable partners and precise tensioning is – especially for projects in such a fragile eco system as the sea.

Since 2015 the worldwide first underwater gas-compressor system has been operational for over 50.000 hours with an availability of 99%.

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