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Online Bolt Load Monitoring
Real-time analysis – Plug and play – Real life experience

OBLM – Accurate long-term bolt load monitoring and safety failure warnings.

The smart IoT solution

Too many times the question of “how a system is affected under real conditions” has been asked. The condition of objects can often insufficiently be determined. Online Bolt Load Monitoring (OBLM) is a comprehensive solution to measuring real time status changes of systems under full operational load. Measurement technology, transmission technology, hardware, software, sensor technology, cloud, measured data analysis – OBLM combines all these components into an optimally compatible IoT solution. The OBLM system not only has the task to transmit data in real time, but additionally supports complex data analysis and evaluation. The newly gained insights help save resources and determine unwanted conditions prematurely. The OBLM allows for unprecedented, real time analysis of the tension of bolt connections during the operation of machines. Thanks to perennial experience, SCHAAF has the technology, that allows the measurement and analysis of occurring tension in the bolt, even during full operational load. With sophisticated analysis tools and the highly precise measuring sensors, the slightest changes in bolt-length are recorded and the resulting bolt-tension is calculated. Plug & Play: Online in 30 minutes Plug in, place the sensors and view measured data instantly via smartphone or computer. Thanks to the compact design (240 x 160 mm), the installation effort is minimal. Network independent: Communication via GSM in real time The integrated GSM-module makes the OBLM completely independent worldwide. This prevents issues with company networks and relieves the IT-department. Data collection: Technology smartly concealed The OBLM allows for connecting up to 8 data measuring sensors simultaneously. The integrated data buffer saves up to 10,000 values, even during mobile network failures. Alerts in the event of threshold value exceedance The real time monitoring of measured data enables the setting of threshold values that give alerts when they are exceeded or fall short. Predefined users are automatically notified, once a threshold valued has been reached.

Scope of service

  • Data collection of 8 sensors
  • Real-time transmission of data, via LAN and GSM (worldwide)
  • Storage of measured data in the event of communication failure
  • Live data, platform independent
  • Sampling of measured data 1x/second (adjustable). The analysis occurs before transmission to the cloud
  • Transmission of data 1x/minute, with the following values being transmitted: maximum, average and minimum
  • Defined threshold values that transmit automated messages upon exceedance
Example long-term evaluation: 4 Measuring points 4×90° offset
Example: Analysis 09.01.19 9:59 – 11:59 – Measuring point Bolt ID 1


All conceivable special designs are possible. Please let us know your requirements.

Areas de Aplicación

SCHAAF OBLM is the optimal solution, where constant monitoring can prevent damages or injuries. Additional estimated bolt loads during design stage can be proved if correct. Especially for connections with permanent vibrations, weather related changes or load changes, for example wind turbines, bridge construction, cranes, electric generators and motors.


All OBLM are checked for 100 % process security. During order handling, they are accompanied by ongoing quality assurance measures and supplied with extensive documentation.




SCHAAF OBLM are user-friendly, reliable, and manufactured in accordance with the highest level of technical know-how. Our highly-motivated staff would be pleased to train your personnel, in situ or at our works, in the general handling and operation of the mobile and stationary control unit. In this way, all the process parameters can be entered optimally in order to achieve maximum process monitoring and safety. Of course, the OBLM are supplied ready for operation.


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