Joining technology for engines and gearboxes

General fortifications

Various connection solutions for cylinder head bolts, connecting rods and connecting rod bearings, exhaust valves, end wedge bolts, retaining screws, camshaft bearings, axial vibration dampers, segment stoppers, gears, chain wheels, piston rods, air coolers, etc.


Hydraulic bolt connection for secure damper mounting.

Main bearing bolts

Maintenance-free fittings even for high loads with documentation and detection of material fatigue.

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SCHAAF offers specially adapted products and assembly accessories with up to 4,000 bar hydraulic high-pressure technology for wind energy (onshore and offshore), such as cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bearings, cross head bolts, camshaft bearings, gearwheels, gears and couplings. The system solutions are designed according to all standard classification company requirements as well as highest operational safety and operating economy. The accessories such as high-pressure pumps, hydraulic hoses and the connection couplings as well as the assembly documentation solutions are precisely matched to the functions and are thus a 100 % system solution.
  • For all products such as SSV, hydraulic nuts and oil press-fit equipment, SCHAAF offers the Mounting Documentation System (MDS), which documents the pre-tensioning forces, hydraulic clamping pressures, clamping paths and all other quality parameters.
  • All SCHAAF tools offer maximum service life with internal safety functions that protect the operator and the plant. Operational safety and operational economy are in harmony.
  • All tools, high-pressure generators and accessories can be equipped with the Tool Service Indicator (TSI) or Tool Management System (TMS). This enables timely maintenance of the components and guarantees additional personal and system protection at the lowest maintenance costs.
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