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We are a worldwide active mechanical engineering company in the area of the development and manufacturing of Hydraulic High-Pressure Tools. In order to continue the constant expansion of our company we search for possibilities to offer our customers an optimum regarding the performance, quality and commitment. A part of this is the continuous expansion and improvement of our team, for which we are looking stepless for highly motivated and productive employees in order to enforce our dynamic team.


We are training and are looking for the following apprentices for 01.08.2022:

Good reasons for an apprenticeship at SCHAAF:



SCHAAF only hires trainees who we see great potential to be taken on.


SCHAAF offers its employees many opportunities for further education and training.


At SCHAAF we stick together and are there for our apprentices.


SCHAAF offers cooperative engineering education (KIA) specialising in mechatronics

With the background of increasing complexity of solutions developed by SCHAAF for customers, SCHAAF has hired a trainee in cooperative engineering education (KIA) specializing in mechatronics on 08/2019, who is studying at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein. In cooperation with another well-known company from Erkelenz, inter-company training contents are taught. This measure is supported and promoted by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Social Fund within the framework of the program «Promotion of in-company training in cooperation». SCHAAF already employs 8 people with expertise at the control / programming / electronics / mechanics interface.
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Past projects:

Project work 2021: Bolt Robot

Acceptance procedure for series production of Bolt Robot components
  • Revision of test procedure tool
  • Design of test specimens
  • Planning and construction of a test cabinet
  • Adaptations to mounting and testing software
  • Creation of a document system
  • Concept design taxi testing

Project work 2018: GripLoc

Construction and design of a standardised GripLoc type series and accessories
  • Design
  • Calculation
  • Material selection
  • Standardisation of order handling
  • Insight into the activities of a mechanical engineer
1st place at the first attempt - Erkelenz student team triumphs at the project days of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

Project work 2014: MSN

1st place at the first attempt – Erkelenz student team triumphs at the project days of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences:

The entire workflow of the Multiple Stud Nut (MSN) was recorded, analysed and ultimately improved. The tasks were divided into quotation preparation and calculation, construction, raw material, production, labelling, assembly as well as tests and inspections. The focus here was on clear structures and more efficient processes.

Good reasons for studying at SCHAAF:



SCHAAF project and final theses are put into practice while still in progress


SCHAAF offers close supervision at eye level in a good working atmosphere


SCHAAF only hires students who we see as having great potential to be taken over


Our consistently growing company is always searching for new workers in order to improve and increase efficiency of our business activities. Highly motivated and productive employees are always welcome. We also look forward to receiving your speculative application with meaningful application documents.
(m/f/d) como asistente de producción
(m/f/d) como asistente de producción

(m / f / d)
as a production assistant

Specializing in milling technology

(m/w/d) Fachrichtung Dreh-Fräszentrum
(m/w/d) Fachrichtung Drehtechnik

CNC turning / milling, assembly

(m/f/d) como asistente de producción
(m/f/d) para apoyar nuestro propio edificio nuevo

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Ulrike Goertz

Ulrike Goertz

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Jolanda Bratschi

Jolanda Bratschi



Rick Yu

Rick Yu

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