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Publication: 2012 Industry: General Highlighted Products: — Short profile: Outline of SCHAAF’s development since its foundation in 1977 and in future, including a brief outline of the SCHAAF product range.


Publication: 2012 Industry: General Highlighted Products: TTG Short profile: The patented procedure for targeted equal distibution of the axial bolt pretensioning force.


Publication: 2012 IndustryGeneral Highlighted Products: TSI / TMS Short profile: Outline of the Tool-Service-Indicator (TSI) and Tool-Management-System (TMS). All-In-One Safety and Maintenance Analysis

MSN – Multiple Stud Nut

Publication: 2012 Industry: Allgemein Highlighted Products: MSN Short profile: The economic multiple bolting for axial bolt tensioning.

STG 4000-2K

Publication: 2012 Industry: General Highlighted Products: STG 4000-2K Short profile: Developing Fully-Automatic Oil press Fits Electro-hydraulic two-circuit high-pressure control.


Publication: 2012 Industry: Shipbuilding, shipping engines, onshore/offshore Highlighted Products: GripLoc Short profile: Outline of the technical and financial advantages of using GripLoc.


Publication: 2012 Industry: General Highlighted Products: ExpaTen Short profile: Easy detachable and reusable bolts for flange connections which are subject to high stress.

ExpaTen 2

Publication: 2012 Industry: General Highlighted Products: ExpaTen 2 Short profile: Outline of the Optimal Flange Connection for misaligned Flange Bores.
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