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SCHAAF in action for the environment

SCHAAF is constantly growing, from the extension of the production and storage facilities to further expansion of the international customer network. By becoming one of the market leaders in the field of joining technology, the responsibility towards the environment, fellow human beings and customers grows. Based on this SCHAAF makes it its business to make a valuable contribution to the topic of sustainability.

Vision: “We develop world leading technology in the field of joining technique and thereby inspire our customers. Together we hereby create a future in which material will be saved, resources will be sustained and life will be easier.”

Entirely in line with its future-oriented vision statement, SCHAAF is steadily working on making all areas of application, including wind energy or shipbuilding, even more sustainable in the future. In the continuously advanced improvement process that SCHAAF pursues, it is important to consider the entire value-added chain of a product.

Not only the finished product and its use is tested for sustainability, but even during the manufacturing process, non-degradable materials are avoided as far as possible and instead recyclable and resource-saving materials are used. In addition, the transport is made as efficient as possible, for example through optimized, sustainable, reusable packaging.

SCHAAF technology enables massive material savings, often coupled with increases in the efficiency of machines and plants, and therefore improves the living conditions – for customers, employees, future generations – and makes a better world possible.

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