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The next step – New claim sets the course for the future

SCHAAF has been manufacturing products based on high-pressure hydraulics since 1954. Over the years, the demands and tasks of customers have become more complex, new products have been developed and patented, industry-specific solutions have been focused and SCHAAF has expanded continuously.

Nowadays, the developments and products have reached a position that is far above a conventional screw connection. The integration of “Industry 4.0” has long been integrated into the latest products. Permanent live monitoring of connections, detailed assembly documentation collected in various databases and clouds, semi and fully automatic screwing and product integrations are the current demands of the global customer base. This product portfolio paired with the original high-pressure hydraulics technology, the qualified assembly staff and the enormously high quality strategy makes SCHAAF a partner.

“Leading joining technology”

This statement now acts as support for the appearance of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG. It combines the permanent striving for success with the conventional basic principle and is open now and in the future for new product developments in connection technology. This is also what our Mission Statement stands for:
We create value to our customers in all kinds of industries and offer cooperation in the way they like it.

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