Hydraulic High-Pressure Service

Hydraulic High-Pressure Service
SCHAAF Service GmbH supports you as a service provider regarding SCHAAF products and has its main focus, exactly like with the products, on quality, reliability and precision. It offers the complete Hydraulic High-Pressure service directly from the manufacturer of the products and, thus, guarantees the best assistance and performance possible. Beginning with the assembly you also receive support with the operation. Furthermore, SCHAAF Service GmbH maintains and, if necessary, repairs as well. Of course, this support is offered by SCHAAF Service GmbH worldwide. In addition, the experts focus on instructions and trainings in order that you can operate the products of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG safely and highly efficient. Due to more than 50 years experience with hydraulic high-pressure tools, SCHAAF Service GmbH offers this support not only for own products, but also uses this know-how for external products.

SCHAAF Service GmbH offers you the following services:

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General mechanical engineering

Chemical industry

Wind energy plants

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APQP4Wind ist eine Organisation, die von führenden globalen Windkraftanlagenherstellern gegründet wurde, die eine permanente Qualitätsverbesserung benötigen. SCHAAF Servicemitarbeiter haben sowohl das „Management Awareness Training“ als auch das „Specialist Training“ absolviert und werden laufend weitergebildet.

Contact persons

SCHAAF Service GmbH

Bruesseler Allee 22 · 41812 Erkelenz – Germany Telephone: +49 – 24 31 – 9 77 70-25 Fax: +49 – 24 31 – 9 77 70-74 E-Mail: info@schaaf-gmbh.com
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