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Development, expertise, manufacturing and application of Hydraulic Tools.

System solutions

Wind turbines

SCHAAF offers specially coordinated products up to 4,000 bar Leading joining technology for application areas such as e. g. the assembly of devices, shaft and axle connections, blade and hub fi xing, axle and bearing connections.


Propulsion shaft and power generation solutions for Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Ship Designers and Shipyards.

Burnishing according to DIN 50938

SCHAAF now offers a burnishing service.
Burnishing: Burnishing is a process in which a firmly adhering iron oxide layer (FE304) is produced on iron and low-alloy steel materials.

Prospectures and data sheets

You can select from the following brochures, information and data sheets and print them on your own printer

SSV Schraubenspannvorrichtung


Prospectus about Hydraulic Nuts and bolt tensioning devices.
Main features, advantages and applications.

HM PG33 Produktübersicht

Hydraulic Nuts PG 9 / A55-Series

Brochure and data sheets about Hydraulic Nuts of PG 9.

MSN – Multiple Stud Nut

Brochure about Multiple Stud Nuts of PG48.

TTG Produktübersicht


Targeted equal force in the thread area.

Special solutions for shafts and axles connections

ExpaTen PG26 Übersicht

ExpaTen Bolt

Principle functions of the optimal connection of large diameter shafts – free from backlash – powerful – resistant to bending.
Standard design – equipment variations – accessories.

GripCon PG 55 Produktübersicht

GripCon PG 55

Principle functions of the Axial and radial force transmission in unreachable never seen before compactness.

GripLoc Produktübersicht

GripLoc PG 35 – PG 38

Principle functions of the optimal connection for shafts and axles.

PG65 Shrinknut Produktübersicht


The maintenance free bolt connection with TTG.

Pumps and Aggregates

PG22 Pumpenübersicht

Pumps and Aggregates

Overview of pumps and aggregates.


Prospectus of the Hand Lever Pumps from 1000 – 4000 bar
Rugged – Efficient – Safe

HDL product overview

HDL 1000-4000

Prospectus of the Air-Hydraulic Pumps HDL 1000-4000.

HDE 3000 product overview

HDE 3000-BK

Prospectus of the Electrohydraulic High-pressure Unit HDE 3000-BK.

HDE 4000 product overview

HDE 4000

Prospectus of the Electrohydraulic High-pressure Pump Unit HDE 4000.

STG 4000-2K

Prospectus of the fully automatic production and separation of oil press fits.

MDS Mounting Documentation System

Prospectus of the mounting documentation system.

MMDS product overview

MMDS Mobile Mounting Documentation System

Prospectus of the mobile mounting documentation system.

Hydraulic High-Pressure Accessories

Hydraulic High-Pressure Hose

Detailed data sheets of the High-pressure hose.

Pressure gauges

Detailed data sheets of the pressure gauges.

Nipples / Adapters / Manifolds

Detailed data sheets of nipples / adapters and manifolds

IOT / Software solutions

OBLM PG21 product overview


Online Bolt Load Monitoring

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