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GripLoc flange coupling

Shaft and axle connection with integrated flange element

By radial shrinking of a hydraulically pre-extended external body, GripLoc generates a radial stress on the two shaft or axle stubs to be connected. GripLoc is connected to a mating flange by the integrated flange. Integrating the flange into the inner sleeve allows precise alignment of the flange prior to assembly. Creating radial compression does not affect the precision of the flange element and the connecting holes to the mating flange. GripLoc is to be clamped and released rapidly.

Advantages of GRIPLOC flange couplings

  • Precisely alignable flange already before assembly
  • Combinability of the flange connection with SCHAAF ExpaTen Bolts
  • Patented GripLoc sliding-on procedures for destruction-free interference fit assembling
  • GripLoc can be removed simply and quickly even after years of use – again and again wearless
  • High torque transmission, completely free from backlash
  • Torsionally and flexurally rigid connection even with sudden changes in the rotational speed, torque, or direction of rotation
  • Maximum torque transfer even in minimum installation space thanks to SCHAAF friction increase
  • Removability is always ensured if replacement of defective Hydraulic Nut seal is ever required
  • Time saving on assembly and disassembly

Individual solutions

The different GripLoc characteristics by SCHAAF can be combined among each other. So for example GripLoc can be built integrated together with the SafeLoc mechanism in a removable Hydraulic Nut. An optimal solution is therefore guaranteed for each application.

Shaft and axle connections for various applications

Shaft and axle connection with matched flow caps

Shaft and axle connection with integrated flange element

Shaft and axle connection for customized in various applications

GripLoc Speziallösungen


The SCHAAF GripLoc flange coupling consists of the following
components on a standard basis:

  • Inner and Outer tapered sleeves made from high tensile strength
    steel for maximum strength and durability
  • Use of corrosion-resistant materials for use in different media
  • Combination of GripLoc with a wide variety of mounting tools for optimum design of the assembly process
  • Design depending on application with split, removable Hydraulic Nut or permanently installed annular piston.
  • Mechanical, axial slide-on by means of torque (MSN) optionally possible
  • SafeLoc for safe installation

Areas of Application

SCHAAF GripLoc couplings are the optimum solution wherever high torques (forces) must be transmitted and, at the same time, easy and quick assembly / removal must be ensured. Contact us for optimally dimensioning your shaft and axle connections.


Quality Assurance

All GripLoc are checked for material quality, dimensional accuracy,
correct functioning and load-resistance. During order execution, they
are subject to continuous quality assurance measures and are supplied
together with detailed technical documentation.



GripLoc are, of course, supplied packaged, ready for installation
and use.
SCHAAF GripLoc couplings are user-friendly, reliable, and manufactured
in accordance with the highest level of technical know-how. Our highlymotivated staff would be pleased to train your personnel, in situ or at our
works, in mounting and dismantling the bolts.

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Industry-specific special solutions:

All SCHAAF products offer an individual solution for every industry.

GripLoc Flange proves particularly effective for:

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