High-pressure Units

Electrohydraulic High-pressure Units

Pressure up to 4000 bar

Electric and air driven pump units for workshops and field applications. 100% designed and produced by SCHAAF with optional software for documentation of the complete bolting process.

Electrohydraulic high-pressure unit for up to 3000 bar in
compact design

Electrohydraulic high-pressure pump unit for high flow rates and outputs up to 4000 bar

Mounting Documentation System for controlling and monitoring the axial hydraulic tightening process of bolts.

Mobile Mounting Documentation System

Electro-hydraulic dual-circuit high-pressure control and regulation system for fully automatic pressing and loosening of hubs on shafts


System for a non-positive connection between shaft and roller ring

Air-Hydraulic Pumps

up to 4000 bar

Air-Hydraulic Pumps that are coordinated best with our high pressure tools.

Air-Hydraulic Pumps ready for immediate use at hydraulic
pressures of 2500 to 4000 bar.

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