10,000 sq.m. for high-pressure hydraulic technology up to 4000 bar

10,000 sq.m. for high-pressure hydraulic technology up to 4000 bar

Mission und Vision Symbol


The Vision statement is focused on tomorrow and what we would like to become. It sets our company the direction where to go.

We develop world leading technology in the field of joining technique and thereby inspire our customers. Together we hereby create a future in which material will be saved, resources will be sustained and life will be easier.


The Mission statement is focused on what, and why we are doing that today. It drives the company towards the Vision. Every piece of the mission is to stay on the track to reach our Vision.

We create value to our customers in all kinds of industries and offer cooperation in the way they like it.


Employees worldwide

of all materials are in stock

hours express delivery capability of most parts guaranteed

in-house production

-fold increase in premises since 1990

tons of products per day

Material saving

Company structure

Company structure


You can find SCHAAF on many well-known channels. A visit is always worthwhile.

The development of the SCHAAF logo

Technical Design



Schaaf building in Erkelenz, Germany

The head office was built in 2000 and has an area of around 7,000 m². Plant 1 is the main location for all technical and commercial matters, development, IT and the main areas of quality assurance. Assembly and testing of the core products also takes place here.


SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG Werk 2 Erkelenz

This production site, specially designed for large-scale production, is only 300 metres away from the head office and was occupied in 2021. CNC high-tech machines for μm-precise production and a modern high-bay warehouse are located on approx. 3,000 m². Since 2020 the GripCon and ExpaTen production lines have been running in three-shift operation for customers in the wind industry.


The third production and administration site of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG was built in 2023 and is located in the GIPCO industrial park in Erkelenz with an area of 10,000 m². The main focus here is on the production of individual components and the final assembly and dispatch of the TTG bolts and nuts series. In addition, GripLoc assembly and large-scale assembly, such as fully automatic ring tensioning systems, also take place here.


SCHAAF China Taicang

Following the successful expansion of the sales network in Asia, SCHAAF (Taicang) Co. Ltd. was founded in 2007. Since 2011, SCHAAF products have been produced specifically for the Chinese market on an area of around 3000 m² under strict quality requirements in compliance with German standards.


Fastec Schweiz Gebäude

Since 2010, the FASTEC AG based in Altdorf has been part of the SCHAAF Group. The production plant is equipped with the precision of the most modern machines known in Switzerland. FASTEC has specialised in the SCHAAF TTG technology, a patented process for the production of threads in nuts or on bolts with 100% flank contact over the entire surface.


Demanding and flexible
SCHAAF quality management is convincing throughout the entire production process

A consistent corporate policy creates trust
The corporate philosophy of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG is based on a quality policy consistently pursued by the company management and a continuously driven improvement process. Clearly defined principles and quality goals are firmly anchored in the company. They ensure that SCHAAF products and services comply with national and international norms and standards, legal regulations and specific customer requirements.

The focus of the entrepreneurial activities of SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG is the customer. Excellent advice and perfect determination of the customer's wishes and requirements with special consideration of the area of application are indispensable prerequisites for satisfying the customer and creating trust. Safety, function, reliability, handling, performance, health and environmental compatibility, comfort, design, material, delivery time, service life, service and maintenance are essential parameters in the effort to offer and deliver the best solution to the customer quickly and flexibly.

Quality Management

Establishing a Convincing Quality Image
In order to achieve the best possible results for our customers and ensure the success of the company, SCHAAF's management attaches great importance to the quality of daily work, internal and external co-operation and the resulting products and services. The quality of all SCHAAF products is precisely planned, implemented and certified. Our constantly updated quality management system, which is monitored and evaluated by the management, highlights our commitment to quality and contributes to our company's excellent reputation. In order to be delivered to our customers, all SCHAAF products must fully fulfil the requirements placed on them.

Personnel Management at SCHAAF

Driving Efficiency and Quality Consciousness
At SCHAAF, our personnel management is guided by the conviction that only qualified and quality-conscious employees can ensure high efficiency in product development and manufacturing. Each member of our staff plays a vital role in achieving the company’s goals and is committed to continuous improvement in both thinking and performance.

To facilitate this, our executive management provides every staff member with the necessary freedom and training to meet requirements, maintain the quality management system, and continually enhance the company’s operations. In doing so, we establish and maintain lasting customer trust in the capabilities of SCHAAF, solidify our position as an industry leader, and ensure long-term job security.
Consequently, the company management grants each employee the necessary freedom and training to fulfil the set requirements and to comply with the quality management system as well as to constantly work on the improvement of the entire company.

This creates a sustainable customer confidence in the performance, which assigns the SCHAAF company a leading position and thus also ensures sustainable job security.

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