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Bolt Tensioner for continuous bolt threads

Cost-reducing - Powerful - Reusable

Bolt Tensioners can be removed from the bolt connection after pre-tensioning:
in comparison, Hydraulic Nuts remain on the bolt or component connection.

The distinguishing feature of the Bolt Tensioners of product group 2 is that the cylinder-piston-set is placed over a continuous bolt thread and that, then, the tension nut is screwed down to the stop face of the piston.


Advantages Bolt Tensioners

„Crossover-tightening“ of several bolts at several points is no longer necessary, since SCHAAF SSV and HM offer the
possibility of tightening all the bolt connections simultaneously with exactly the same tensioning force. This also applies
when increasing the tensioning force.

As opposed to thermal screw starting procedures, SCHAAF SSV and HM make it possible to eliminate different gaps
between individual components. Each bolt can be tensioned with exactly the same force and not over the same distance!

SCHAAF SSV and HM make it possible to apply a residual tensioning force by means of test force stress application in
order to determine if any settling of the screw may occur, and if so, to eliminate it.

With a compact unit and the ability to interchange the component parts relating to the size of the bolt, SCHAAF SSV can also be used for other thread sizes.

SSV and HM will dramatically save time required for tensioning applications. This effect increases for higher tensioning
forces, larger bolt thread diameters and also the installation of several SCHAAF SSV or HM. Time savings up to 99% are
possible! It is no longer necessary to apply large torque by hand. There is a number of handling features available, designed
to make work easier with SCHAAF Bolt Tensioners and Hydraulic Nuts, especially when it comes to large dimensions.

Features SSV PG2

  • single-stage
  • tension nut
  • for continuous bolt threads
  • SSV simple to place, thus short set-up times
  • cost-efficient continuous bolt thread
  • easy handling because of low weight of tension nut when screwing on and off

More Bolt Tensioners

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Bolt Tensioner for continuous bolt threads

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Bolt Tensioner for recessed bolt threads with tension thread directly in the piston

Bolt Tensioner for recessed bolt threads with tension thread directly in the piston

Bolt Tensioner with lengthened bolt for continuous or recessed bolt threads

Bolt Tensioner with a multistage cylinder-piston-set

Bolt Tensioner as ring segment for simultaneous pressurisation of all SSV

Schraubenspannvorrichtungen SSV Speziallösungen


In addition to a number of standardized Bolt Tensioners and Hydraulic Nuts, SCHAAF has already delivered thousands of customized axial Bolt Tensioners. The Design on Demand CAD system allows to realize customer solutions very quickly. Based on axial pre-tensioning technics, a number of patented, specialized solutions have been developed during the last years. Bolt Tensioners, Hydraulic Nuts and ExpaTen, as well as the A-Loc and EcoRolls, both developed especially for rolling mills, all represent a 100% system solution with SCHAAF’s accessories such as high-pressure hoses and high-pressure generators.

Areas of Application

The application areas for Bolt Tensioners and Hydraulic Nuts are unlimited. The great amount of user solutions have resulted in a great number of various designs. For this reason it is not always possible to classify all Bolt Tensioners and Hydraulic Nuts into a specific product group. For example, the tensioning force can be transmitted by a thread or a bayonet. Please contact us for your special application.


Quality Assurance

All Bolt Tensioning Tools and Hydraulic Nuts are checked for material quality, dimensional accuracy, proper operation, and pressure resistance. They are subject to quality assurance measures during order execution and delivered with detailed documentation.



SSV and HM are, of course, delivered packaged, ready for installation and operation.

SCHAAF SSV and HM are user-friendly, reliable and are manufactured in accordance with the highest level of technical know-how. Our highly-motivated
staff will be pleased to train your personnel, in situ or at our works, in the general handling of high-pressure equipment.

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