With the ExpaTen bolt, SCHAAF GmbH & Co. KG presents a joining element for detachable flange connections of, for example, drive shafts in shipbuilding or in the wind energy sector. The revolutionary, patented concepts of the diverse ExpaTen variants enable the optimum connection for every case. ExpaTen are not only 100% positive-locking and friction-locking, so that high torques can be transmitted without gaps, they can also be easily released and dismantled again after high loads. In addition, this reusable system made of highly tempered steel offers a significant safety advantage in torque transmission compared to normal screws (factor 5). ExpaTen has been certified by renowned inspection authorities.

Overview ExpaTen

The Perfect Fastening Bolt

Perfect flange connection for high-speed turbines

Quick form and force fit connections with detachable axial tensioning system (Quick Locking).

Ideal flange connection for misaligned flange bores and / or unequal bore diameters

for flange-component connection

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