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Successful gearbox exchange on wind turbines of the latest generation

One of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers relies on SCHAAF’s GripCon joining technology for the drive train connection between the main shaft and the gearbox.

For years, GripCon have ensured the enormous torque and shear force transmission of the drive shaft, thus ensuring the efficient conversion of wind into electricity.

Now the gearboxes on two wind turbines were to be replaced. For this purpose, the GripCon were loosened in the connection by means of hydraulic pressure, the GripCon were removed and the gearbox replaced. Afterwards the GripCon connecting elements were reinstalled and tightened under the guidance of SCHAAF service technicians on site.

The removal and installation of the reusable GripCon went off without a hitch and the wind turbine could be reconnected to the power grid immediately.

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