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Webinar: “Proving the service life of highly stressed components – a success story from the wind sector”

Depending on their location, wind turbines are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and dynamic loads. In order to withstand these and thus avoid a shortening of the service life, all components, from large tower elements to small connecting elements, must function reliably. How can the stress on individual components be assessed and the service life verified?

In a cooperative project between SCHAAF, specialised in the development and production of joining technologies, and Wölfel Engineering as an expert with many years of experience in the field of non-linear simulation and service life estimation, a flange joint with GripCon was analysed as a connecting element in the drive train of a wind turbine. In the webinar, the individual process steps and the knowledge gained from them are explained in detail:

  • Creation and simulation of a non-linear FEM model of the joining element
  • Lifetime estimation for a given load spectrum
  • Verification of the calculations by physical tests (test bench)

Date: 23.03.23, 10:00 a.m.
approx. 45 minutes
Participation is free of charge.

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